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Value through Integrity

Centralized Subject Matter Experts

Airborne Technology for Infrastructure

Centralized Subject Matter Experts

Strategic Development
Airborne Technology Operations

     The Tactien Group (TTG) enables industry & governments to integrate and leverage via Airborne Technology by developing tailored strategies.


     As the world faces economic, environmental, and societal changes, industry often looks towards technology for solutions. The industry, while incredibly capable, is often laced with unrealistic expectations which leads to unrealized goals.

  • Understand the value propositions of today vs. tomorrow

  • Determine the value of integrating airborne technology into scaled operation

  • Develop the Strategy for Utilizing Airborne Technology

  • Provide support for evaluating new technology and industry insights

  • Help customers Maximize ROI 

ISR Payload


Electric Utility
Oil & Gas
Water Utility
Solar Industry
Wind Industry

   TTG continues to foster relationships with some of the largest utility operators in the nation. As utilities  navigate through the complex assessment of aviation use-cases, TTG supports such companies in determining:

(1) The Value Proposition

(2) Feasibility

(3) Effectiveness

Services include:

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Strategic Development

  • Business Planning 

  • Market Position Assessment

  • RFP Development/Contractor Vetting

  • Cross-network engagement

  • Technology/Contractor validation

  • Program Development (Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Management Systems, Use-Case Approvals etc.)